Sunday, March 20, 2005

Do a runner

A survey last year by the New Zealand Herald found that one in three under-graduates plans to seek work overseas immediately after graduation, and that 66 per cent intend to leave the country by the age of 30. True, Kiwis have always loved to travel - many see the "overseas experience" as an essential part of their personal and professional development - but the question now is how many of these graduates will ever return home. The 2003 students' association report found "a clear link between going overseas and student loan debt, as non-resident borrowers have significantly higher average student loan debt than resident borrowers".

Stuart Dunn  'Graduate debt? Do a runner . . .' New Statesman  (7/02/2005)


Forecast for Melbourne Issued at 0505 on Thursday the 10th of March 2005
Fine apart from an early morning light shower or two. A mostly sunny afternoon with light southerly wind and seabreezes.
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