Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On the road to elsewhere

This advertisement sits on the corner of Holden and Nicholson Street, Brunswick, Melbourne. It reads:

Simplify your life as Europeans do... Live well, embrace the richness of the exciting, well-serviced Nicholson Street community and reduce the clutter and burden of typical property ownership. Designed with a contemporary lifestyle in mind, these stylish apartments present comfortable, efficient function in a slick European environment. An oustanding opportunity for couples and singles who want to live or invest in this fabulous area.

An interesting exchange this. While it directs our gaze upwards, to the 'slick' and  'stylish' European manner, it actually resigns us to reduced living space.  While higher density might be desirable, is there a way of selling this without having us pretend that we are living at the opposite end of the planet?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Multiculturalism at large in Brunswick

A reliable source informs me of the following scene at a Lebanese restaurant in Brunswick. Tiba's is a notoriously good place to eat, especially during Ramadan, where the food is always fresh and full of flavour. Despite their non-alcohol policy, they attract many non-Muslims from the neighbourhood.

Last night, apparently, a group entered which included a Jewish couple (man in yamulkah and woman in wig) together with a couple of young Muslim woman. They were overheard talking about 'our Jewish brothers and sisters'.

There are growing signs of creeping multiculturalism in our midst. What's happened to the fear and distrust that we have come to rely on?

What will be next? Sorry?