Sunday, June 01, 2008

Winter in the South


Winter begins in the South...

  • Australians read extraordinary news that 'normal rainfall' predicted for this winter.
  • Australian Opposition leader berates the Prime Minister to understand the serious consequences of the variance in petrol prices, which make the difference between whether the family will eat 'processed sausage or chops' that night.
  • The Australian art world tries to take the high ground in response to charges of obscenity, but find it now highly contested territory.
  • In Santiago, Chile, water supplies are cut after 'too much rain'.
  • News of riots in Johannesburg confirms old prejudices about South Africa.
  • No news of the millions of acts of daily kindness that sustain the complex web of ethnic differences in the 'rainbow nation'
  • We look for our favourite old scarf, down South.

1 comment:

David J said...

Bring a scarf for someone else and you will have the whole situation wrapped up...

When traveling in cold places always bring an extra blanket. You never know when you're going to meet someone who needs it.

On other matters, (petrol)
Maybe it is the policy of both our government and opposition to ensure that when we hit that brick wall we will be traveling at such a speed that we do not notice the impact... That is the only logical conclusion I can find as to why they are so committed to enabling our fuel addiction. I believe it is far less painful to die of a heroin overdose than it is to kick the habit...